What Do Sellers on Fiverr Understand About Order Status?

James K Smith

fiverr order status

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when you place an order on Fiverr? For sellers, understanding the different order statuses is crucial for managing their work efficiently and maintaining good relationships with buyers. This article will demystify order statuses on Fiverr from a seller’s perspective, helping you navigate your freelance journey with confidence.

Common Challenges Sellers Face

Sellers often face confusion regarding order statuses, which can lead to miscommunication and delayed deliveries. Misunderstanding these statuses can affect their ratings and overall performance on the platform. This article aims to clarify these statuses, providing actionable insights to help sellers manage their orders effectively.

The Importance of Order Statuses

Order statuses on Fiverr are like signposts that guide sellers through the order process. They help sellers know what actions to take at each stage, ensuring smooth and timely delivery. Understanding these statuses is essential for maintaining good communication with buyers and avoiding any potential disputes.

Understanding Fiverr Order Statuses

1. New Order

When a buyer places an order, it is marked as “New.”

  • Action Required: Sellers should review the order details and ensure they understand the buyer’s requirements.
  • Tip: Respond promptly to acknowledge the order and ask any necessary questions to clarify the project scope.

2. In Progress

After the seller accepts the order, it moves to “In Progress.”

  • Action Required: Start working on the project according to the agreed-upon requirements.
  • Tip: Maintain regular communication with the buyer to update them on the progress and address any concerns.

3. Delivered

Once the seller completes the work, they submit it, and the order status changes to “Delivered.”

  • Action Required: Upload the completed work and any necessary files, then click “Deliver Now.”
  • Tip: Ensure that the delivery meets all the buyer’s requirements to avoid revisions or cancellations.

4. Revision Requested

If the buyer requests changes, the order status changes to “Revision Requested.”

  • Action Required: Review the buyer’s feedback and make the necessary revisions.
  • Tip: Communicate clearly with the buyer to understand their needs and deliver the revised work promptly.

5. Completed

When the buyer is satisfied and accepts the delivery, the order status changes to “Completed.”

  • Action Required: No further action is needed from the seller.
  • Tip: Ask the buyer to leave a review, as positive feedback can enhance your profile.

6. Cancelled

If the order is cancelled, either mutually or by Fiverr, it is marked as “Cancelled.”

  • Action Required: Review the reason for cancellation to understand what went wrong.
  • Tip: Learn from the experience to avoid similar issues in the future.

Practical Tips for Managing Order Statuses

  • Stay Organized: Use tools or spreadsheets to track your orders and their statuses.
  • Set Reminders: Keep track of deadlines to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Communicate Clearly: Regular updates to buyers can prevent misunderstandings and build trust.
  • Seek Feedback: After completing orders, ask for feedback to understand areas for improvement.


Understanding Fiverr’s order statuses is essential for any seller aiming for success on the platform. By knowing what each status means and the actions required, sellers can manage their orders more efficiently and maintain good relationships with buyers. Implement these insights to enhance your freelancing experience and achieve better results on Fiverr.

By addressing these common challenges and providing a clear guide to order statuses, this article aims to help sellers navigate Fiverr more effectively. Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced freelancer, these tips will help you manage your orders and maintain high standards of service.

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