[FIVERR GIG PAUSED] How To Reactivate Fiverr Gig?

James K Smith

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Have you ever logged into Fiverr, only to find your gig paused? It’s a frustrating situation that can impact your income and client base. But don’t worry, reactivating your Fiverr gig is straightforward once you know the steps.

Why This Matters

When your Fiverr gig is paused, potential clients can’t find or order your services. This can lead to a drop in income and disrupt your workflow. Understanding why gigs get paused and how to reactivate them quickly is crucial for maintaining a steady stream of work and income.

What You’ll Learn

In this article, you’ll discover the common reasons why Fiverr gigs get paused and how to reactivate them. You’ll also learn tips to prevent your gigs from being paused in the future. By following these steps, you can ensure your gigs remain active and visible to clients.

Reasons Why Fiverr Gigs Get Paused

Account Inactivity

One common reason for gig pauses is account inactivity.

If you haven’t logged into your Fiverr account for a while, Fiverr might pause your gigs. This is to ensure that only active sellers appear in search results, providing better service to buyers.

Violating Fiverr’s Terms

Violating Fiverr’s terms of service can lead to gig pauses.

This includes things like using misleading information in your gig, delivering poor-quality work, or receiving too many negative reviews. Fiverr monitors these factors to maintain a high standard on the platform.

Payment Issues

Payment issues can also cause gig pauses.

If there are problems with your payment method or if Fiverr can’t process your earnings, your gigs might be paused until the issue is resolved.

How to Reactivate Your Fiverr Gig

Step 1: Log into Your Fiverr Account

Start by logging into your Fiverr account. Ensure you’re using the correct login credentials. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” option to reset it.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Gigs Page

Go to your Gigs page to see the status of your gigs. On the dashboard, click on “Gigs” to view all your active, paused, and draft gigs.

Step 3: Find the Paused Gig

Locate the gig you want to reactivate. Paused gigs will be marked as “Paused.” Click on the gig title to open it.

Step 4: Reactivate the Gig

Click the “Activate” button to reactivate your gig. Once you click “Activate,” your gig will go live again, making it visible to potential clients.

Steps to Reactivate a GigDescription
Log into Your AccountUse your credentials to access your Fiverr account.
Navigate to Gigs PageFind the Gigs section from your dashboard.
Find the Paused GigLook for the gig marked as “Paused.”
Click ActivateClick the “Activate” button to reactivate your gig.

Step 5: Resolve Any Issues

If your gig was paused due to an issue, resolve it promptly. For example, update your payment method, improve your gig description, or address any negative reviews. This helps ensure your gig remains active and avoids future pauses.

Tips to Prevent Your Fiverr Gig from Being Paused

Stay Active

Regularly log into your Fiverr account. Even if you don’t have active orders, checking in frequently signals to Fiverr that you are an active seller.

Follow Fiverr’s Guidelines

Adhere to Fiverr’s terms of service. Provide high-quality work, use accurate gig descriptions, and maintain good communication with clients. This helps build a positive reputation and avoids violations.

Monitor Your Payments

Ensure your payment method is up-to-date. Regularly check your payment settings and resolve any issues promptly to avoid disruptions.


Reactivating a paused Fiverr gig is a simple process, but understanding why gigs get paused and how to prevent it can save you time and frustration. By staying active, following guidelines, and monitoring payments, you can keep your gigs live and attracting clients.

Take Action

Log into your Fiverr account today and check the status of your gigs. If any are paused, follow the steps outlined above to reactivate them. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your gigs stay active and visible, helping you grow your freelance business on Fiverr.

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